Monday, April 16, 2012

pickle girl is Pickleback

My sincere apologies to the few—but deeply committed—followers of this blog. It has been ages since my last post (a Cardinal sin, I know). What can I say? The folding of Gourmet during the Recession broke my heart, and with it, my passion for pickle girl slipped a recession of its own.

Since that October, I've kept busy by having a baby, renovating a historic brownstone (still happening), and becoming a publisher at a revolutionary media company.

In the meantime, there have been so many near-comebacks: I practically jumped off the couch when Portlandia made pickles pop culture; the book offers and almost-deals were a thrill, too; and the emails from readers all over the world melted me. Who knew there were so many of you? (Mom, you're not alone.)

But it took a night of serious drinking to reignite my fire.

In the buzz of a rare evening out, I was stupefied to learn that--a mere block from my office--April Bloomfield's liquid gold is the ultimate whiskey chaser. The Pickleback is the house drink at The Ace, and three of these had me scheming with colleagues to resurrect the pickle love. 

Stay tuned for a redesign, more original recipes, and updated, recurring columns such as, PicklePassport, Pickles in the News, and Chef Recipes.

Back to brine!

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