Friday, August 14, 2009

The Discerning Pickler: Cultivating the Handcrafted Aesthetic

My love of quality, handcrafted kitchen items is not limited to pickles (shocking, I know!). The lack of storage space in a NYC apartment requires every functional object to also be beautiful. Here's a round up of my favorites:

Iris Hantverk wood brushes, made by Sweden's National Society of the Blind
hemp twine, made in Hungary
Things for Bread cutting board
Weck canning jars, from Germany
Transylvanian Images linen napkins

Where to get the look:

Selvedge Drygoods
Rose and Radish, San Francisco, CA
Tortoise General Store, Venice, CA
Ancient Industries
DWR Tools for Living
Brook Farm General Store
Moon River Chattel, NYC
Green Depot